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Using our 'It's OKAY Zine' publication to communicate personal mental health experiences through writing, alongside a huge range of art, song lyrics, poems and much more. We created the It's OKAY Zine to open up the idea of communication and helping others feel less alone, using a non-traditional and artistic method.


Our creative workshops are based around the idea of community and the delivery of artistic inspiration whilst offering the opportunity to learn new skills, which include Zine making workshops and upcycling of clothes. 

We also design and support like minded community projects to aid healthy mental wellbeing!


We provided creative workshops offering a fun experience and teaching  artistic skills themed around DIY culture.

 "It was great to have you over and running the zine workshops, the set-up and feedback was just brilliant." - Curzon Cinema Clevedon

"You guys are just awesome, I hope we can get you back again one day, such a cool little setup, and it was brilliant way to engage the kids. Thank you for travelling all the way to be with us, you smashed it." - Clevedon Skate Project

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We are an alternative, creative intervention, breaking stigmas surrounding mental health in modern society.