The IT'S OKAY Project was founded in 2019 by Sara Prinsloo after experiencing traumatic events in her own life. Born in a little village on the off skirts of Manchester, Sara has forever been creative and used this medium as a focus point to support her mental wellbeing and bereavement processes. 

The idea began when Sara advertised an open call, via social media to create a Zine containing pieces focused around mental health and creativity. The Zine was designed to sell in aid to raise funds for the suicide prevention charity Papyrus UK. The It's OKAY Zine self publication was funded by Sara's family and raised a huge £500 with the Zine selling out in 48 hours. 

Once the Zine was completed it didn't seem right to end it there, with lots of positive feedback and a demand for more, Sara decided to gather a team of volunteers to help create further editions. 

The project has naturally grown over time and we continue our mission to drop the stigmas that sadly find them selves attached to mental health. We use creative subjects to help others explore the topic and give the chance to use creativity to improve mental wellbeing. We offer a way to communicate without talking, in a safe environment and encourage others to find their self help. We have met so many amazing people along our journey and continue to build relationships through out. We would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our work from the bottom of our hearts.