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The It's OKAY Project profits helps us provide creative mental well-being projects for the community. It also allows us to donate items to organisations who support the same causes. We have donated skateboards to community centres, Zines to drug rehabilitation centres and struggling individuals. We have also donated warm hats to local homeless shelters.

We are extremely passionate in creating creative opportunities whilst raising awareness and dropping the stigmas around mental health.

We aim to deliver projects bringing creativity and positive mental wellbeing together through a whole heap of cool, modern, up to date current projects involving art, music, skateboarding, fashion, comedy, film, sports, food, exercise and lots more!

Our merchandise and Zine sales help us fund such projects as well as grants and sponsorships


Not only that but we also fund raise for the charity PAPYRUS UK via our Just Giving Page, 20% of our Zines sales are deposited in our fund raising account below. PAPYRUS UK are a suicide prevention charity for people under 35 and provide the amazing HOPELINE for those suffering with suicidal thoughts. Every £5 raised can help fund one of those phone calls.

We feel PAPYRUS do such an amazing job and we wish to support them every way we can.

See how much we have raised so far

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If you are having thoughts of suicide or are concerned for a young person who might be you can contact HOPELINEUK for confidential support and practical advice.

Opening hours:

9am – 10pm weekdays, 2pm – 10pm weekends,

2pm – 10pm bank holidays

Our Suicide Prevention Advisers are ready to support you.

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