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For Zine 5 we are taking a new approach to the way work is submitted!

We aim to bring back the traditional methods of zine making and request that creative pieces are submitted using a scanner. Scanners offer an old school DIY edge and can be used creatively for a range of outcomes. If you wish to submit your written pieces using a scanner you are more than welcome. If you have any questions about your submission please feel free to pop us on email on the contact page, we are happy to help. Upload your scanned piece via the submission button below.

The idea is to create a Zine full of cool art alongside written accounts of mental health experiences. A Zine is a small self published magazine perfect for displaying our project in a physical form which can be kept and shared amongst others. Because mental health is often stigmatised and communicating our feelings can be challenging, the Zine is a perfect tool to do so. We believe a creative outlet is a great form to support our mental health and we hope to inspire readers to use art and writing as a way of expression. We also believe in giving creatives/writers a platform to express themselves in a professional publication and be proud of their work!

"We want our zine to be fun, edgy, fresh, a visual delight in a DIY style, with the complete freedom to talk truthfully about mental health!!"

We are looking for the following:

  • Creatives We need visual creative work in absolutely any medium. Even though we are all about mental health, the creative work you submit doesn't have to be directly linked to the subject. We believe all creative practises support our mental wellbeing. Our aim is to produce a Zine jam packed with cool art for our readers to enjoy, and if were lucky, we hope to inspire some to use creativity as an outlet! We are looking for a varied amount of creative inputs from non-established and established artists/creatives. We also accept your sketches and scribbles so please feel free to submit these too. They often work well for the style of the Zine.

  • Written creative work We would love to hear your poetry, lyrics, story writing and other creative written pieces to bring our Zine to life!

  • Your experiences It has always been very important to us that you get the chance to tell your mental health story to the world in aid to help others. The feedback from our previous Zine has hit home with a lot of readers and with great feedback. We would like to continue this throughout our project. All submissions in this context will be anonymous giving you freedom to express the real side of mental health. It should be a personal account and not advice on how to “feel better”. Discuss your story but avoid telling others what will happen to them because we are all beautifully unique people after all.

Technical details

  • Make sure your images are high resolution, around 300 PPI so your lovely work is nice and clear

  • Avoid sending in photographs of photographs, we prefer digital copies to make sure your work looks it's best

  • Our Zine is printed in A5 portrait

  • Please try and title your files with your name so we don't get muddled up

Good luck!

We look forward to receiving your submissions and we are forever grateful for your contributions!!

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