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In Memory of GRIM

We were absolutely devastated to hear of the terrible news of GRIM's passing. GRIM was a regular poet in the It's OKAY Zines and his words are beautifully witty with raw emotion and down to earth tones. When people decide to enter their work for the Zine, we find our selves communicating frequently and often become friends with everyone involved. Our creatives are the projects community and we stand together, normalising the conversation of mental wellbeing. GRIM was one of those people!

As we know all to well, finding funds to pay for a funeral can be an extremely stressful when loosing someone so young. We decided to help GRIMs wife and family raise funds to help cover the costs. The project hosted a raffle and donated all proceeds from the zines sold in that time to GRIMs Just giving page.

We raised just shy of £200!
We would like to thank all those that purchased a zine or a raffle ticket.

We will miss you and your beautiful words terribly!

You can find GRIMs poetry in 2 and 4 of the It's OKAY Zines available online here

The amazing and generous Mat Lloyd has helped us bring GRIMs poetry to the world in the following video.


Love the IT's OKAY Project Team and community x

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