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Live Music Stream Tonight!

The Hanging Bandits - The Peace Lilies - Large Plants

Over a decades ago four ex-circus Tigers were abandoned in a train carriage in the heart of Argentina. Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary Alongside The wildlife advocates foundation and Plante tiger have plans to rescue the tigers and relocate them to Ubuntu, where they will live in semi freedom in many hectares of mountainous countryside.

Our friends, The Hanging Bandits wanted to help the tigers plight so have arranged a live stream this evening featuring bands The Peace Lilies and Large Plants alongside 4 bands from around the world to raise money to support the care of the tigers once they are relocated to Ubuntu.

Join us this evening from 7-10pm on Facebook or YouTube to find out more about the tigers and the people who are rescuing them and for an evening of acoustic, indie folk rock live from the heart of The Hertfordshire countryside.

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