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Reviving the Art Scene: Join the Movement to Support Broken Grey Wires in Opening a New Space

Updated: Jan 13

BGW has the opportunity to lease a beautiful venue in Liverpool and create an ambitious, experimental art space for our community and they need your help!

Since 2017, Broken Grey Wires has curated high quality art exhibitions within institutions across the UK, working with critically acclaimed artists such as Turner Prize winners Martin Creed and Gillian Wearing. They have also created opportunities for emerging artists to push their practice and develop new ideas.

"We have ambitious plans to become a dedicated centre of support for local artists and visiting artists in the North-West." Broken Grey Wires say "Having the opportunity to design our physical base in the city is a huge positive step for BGW. One that will result in better care and more creativity in the area. We hope to see the local area flourish and to focus on developing a positive rhetoric for mental health conversations."

What is the money for?

"Our proposal for the city centre space has already been accepted by the landlord, and we now need some help to making this a fully reality. Funds raised during this Crowdfunder will go towards setting up the gallery, studio, Comfort Zone and toolkit station. It will enable us to purchase materials, and pay for technicians to support the building works."

How will this impact YOU?

Broken Grey Wires will have one major exhibition per year, to start off. A theme will be decided (a strand of mental health) and the exhibition will be similar to how they have worked previously...showing radical, experimental, ambitious artwork from leading artists. 

During other months of the year, BGW will have film screenings, create a space for new artwork experimentations, and community projects. They will offer regular creative workshops, collaborating with diverse exciting leaders within their sector. BGW will ask for your input in deciding these workshops, tell them what you want to learn and they will make sure to find great people to help you!

Sneak peek at some of their future plans!

  • Book Club - featuring book selections written by women/queer writers (and other marginalised voices)

  • Community allotment - learn how to grow veggies, learn more about our environment and local produce and how to become more sustainable.

  • BGW Podcast - inviting guests to discuss their personal mental health journey (with a secret twist)

  • Tool Shed - borrow/loan art supplies and equipment. (Why buy a full pot of paint if you only need a tiny bit?!) Borrow from the BGW Tool Shed!

  • Access/community guidelines - We will write guidelines together, as a community. How can we make the space work for us as individuals and as a collective? We will also have artist access document writing sessions. Learn how to ask for support. 

If you feel you can support Broken Grey Wires buy donating to the Crowdfunder, you can do so here. If you can't help financially, but still want to help, you can share the Crowdfunding page, this blog, or share on your social media platforms.

You can find Broken Grey Wires on the socials: Instagram Twitter and their website

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