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Zine Workshop Adventures

The It's OKAY Project team hit the road to Clevedon!

Packed with all our arty farty equipment we joined the amazing people at Curzon Cinema and Clevedon Skate Project to delivery a fun filled zine workshop as part of the Seaside Cinema event.

We had so many rad people come create their very own zine about a whole range of subjects. These included zines about skateboarding in the sea, shopping for tomatoes, having hair that looks like a bottom, lots of animal themed zines and important factors like global warming. The creativity was oozing and we were so impressed with the imagination flowing in Clevedon.

Our typewriter was a huge hit and enjoyed by everyone. Most of our participant's have never used a typewriter before and it was a pleasure to demonstrate the cool effects you can achieve with them.

We are looking forward to running more workshops in the future. If you would like the It's OKAY Project to be part of your event please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

It was so great to have you over and running the zine workshops, the set-up and feedback was just brilliant. - Curzon Cinema Clevedon
You guys are just awesome, I hope we can get you back again one day, such a cool little setup, and it was a brilliant way to engage the kids. Thank you for travelling all the way to be with us, you smashed it. - Clevedon Skate Project

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